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Tips to help you have an easy time coping with integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is a relatively new approach to health care. It involves a holistic look into the wellness of the patient, from the medical illness to other aspects of their social and personal lives. When you agree to go into this treatment, you will need to consider your mental, spiritual and physical health. In order to have an easy time dealing with this type of treatment, you need to understand the following concepts, which are all part of the healing.

Your practitioner is your partner

In conventional medicine, the doctor makes a diagnosis and recommends the best course of treatment. However, the patient has to do most of the work, including taking the medication or following any other part of the therapy to help them make a full recovery. The difference which exists with integrative medicine is that in the latter, your practitioner is a partner in the process. You are allowed to share with them all aspects of your life, from the social, economic and even the personal. They need this information so they can offer advice on the issues which could be slowing down your progress.

Alternative treatment is allowed

When getting into this type of treatment, you have to be very open minded. This is because, unlike the other treatment types, this method will maximise on alternative, non-invasive treatment solutions. However, this does not mean that conventional medicine will not be used. In most cases, conventional medicine will be used where it is working, and your integrative medicine practitioner will recommend non-conventional treatments when there is evidence of it being effective. The medication you will get is driven by enquiries into your sickness, and there is openness to new medical paradigms.

Disease prevention is also part of the process

When the practitioners are treating you, they will also be looking at the possibility of disease prevention in the future. They will therefore recommend courses of treatment that are not only curative to you, but also preventive to those around you. They also take into account ways in which they can promote overall wellness and promote longevity.

These are a few things that are essential to understand about integrative treatment alternatives. The first step in getting this type of treatment is getting a practitioner who understands the process to be your partner in the process. Take time, and make sure that the person you pick is competent, as this is the best way to ensure that you get the best care.

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Tips to help you have an easy time coping with integrative medicine
2 April 2018

Integrative medicine is a relatively new approach